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Information Management

Information Management (IM) is a specific domain in Project or Business. A project where the Information Management is going well makes a good chance to do well in general. If the IM is not going well complexity will increase and it all might end up in chaos.

Information Management requirements are well known in Engergy business, Utilities, Petro-Chemical industry, pharmacy and heavy industry. However all activities and companies, small and large, can benefit from good information management.

There are several levels in IM where my experience can contribute to the success of your project or business:

  • Organising Document Control and Document Management: setting up the technical function which is taking care of all incoming and outgoing documentation and correspondence on a day to day basis. This function requires procedures, systems, processes, structures, people, … . Although projects are different basic principles and concepts are very similar.
  • Organizing Life Cycle Information (LCI) Management: this is a next level, where the focus is no longer on the day to day business but on the whole life cycle of a project: from concept, engineering, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance till end of life and dismantling. In addition to document management also data management becomes very important. Often there are relations between LCI systems, accountancy, procurement, inventory management, maintenance scheduling, … .
  •  Developing Communication philosophy: Communication brings in the Soft side of Information Management. By Communication we transfer information and the way this Communication is organized, highly influences the success of the information transfer. Common views here are Formal versus Informal communication, Written versus Verbal, e-mails – letters – faxes, relationship between parties, etc.


Project Examples:

  • Life Cycle Information and Document Control Manager for Snohvit at Tractebel Engineering
  • Document Control facilitator at Pauwels Contracting
  • Document Control facilitator at Trans Adriatic Pipeline

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