Training or teaching is the next level of service I offer. It is giving really the best I have, sharing what I have learned in a humble and generous attempt to help others and so serve the world.


In live we remain a student and can become a teacher, we always have the opportunity to learn new things. However it is not just about gaining knowledge in a static way, since life is changing all the time only knowledge that is used and applied in life has its real value and stays up tot date.


Ultimately it is the openness in the present – the NOW - that gives us the possibility to observe, analyse, apply what we know, evaluate, adapt and finally choose the right response. By practice this process becomes a habit executed in a blink of an eye with growing precision.


To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach.

We teach best what we needed once most.


In offering traing, inspirational and motivational sessions I challenge myself to contineously grow and improve what I am doing.


I offer the following levels of training:


1. Document Control and Information Management related trainings: practical procedures and systems for good Document Control and Information Management, Information Management in a Complex world, practical Word, Excel and PowerPoint sessions.


2. Project Facilitation: the 10 steps in a successfull change project, inspirational toughts on Change, team-play with the soccer analogy, teambuilding on an non competitive basis.


3. Soft skill training to improve and awaken the often invisible but unlimited capacities of human potential: the 7 habits applied in a professional context, non-violent communication based on Marchall Rosenberg, Integral Transformation together with Jan Janssen.

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