Alius Bvba was founded beginning 2004 by Tom Nys. Alius is Latin and stands for “the Other”. I offer freelance Project Management services and training to Companies and Projects in the Energy Sector (Oil, Gas and Electricity) as well as Industry, non-profit and govermental organisations.


I offer also training to groups and coaching to individuals related to professional and personal growth.


My 'in company' activities contain the following: project facilitation, project and business development, Information management, document management systems, project life cycly information management, project management, reporting tools, inspirational and motivational sessions, training, coaching, process and tools development.



The following toppics are part of my core activities :


  • Project Facilitation: as a project facilitator I guide and help companies, organisations or projects to do better. The activities as a facilitator cover a different scope, the principle used is to create an environment where people can give their maximum contribution to achieve the best possible results.


  • Information Management related activities for Projects: organising Information and Communication Management for projects. It involves strategic considerations, structural implications, systems, the right staff, skills, knowledge, … .


  • Training, Coaching, Inspirational and Motivational sessions, within a professional context: growing experience in the above two domains and personal growth in general have increased my insight in Business, Projects, The World and Life. To share my process with others is one of my highest objectives and missions in life.


  • Finally I offer personal coaching from a holistic perspective where life in its totality is the context. The purpose of personal coaching sessions is creating the conditions for ever expanding and growing awareness, happyness and fullfilment in life. To take on the personal task of development and to find and live ones mission and place in the word.


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