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I am Tom Nys and Alius Bvba the name of my company. I offer freelance Project Management services and training to Companies and Projects in the Energy Sector (Oil, Gas and Electricity) as well as Industry, non-profit and govermental organisations. I offer also training to groups and coaching to individuals related to professional and personal growth.

My 'in company' activities contain: project facilitation, project and business development, Information management, document management systems, project management, inspirational and motivational sessions, training, coaching, process and tools development.

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ALIUS bvba,

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BE 0865.153.589

The following topics are part of my core activities :

  • Project Facilitation: as a project facilitator I guide and help companies, organisations and projects to do better or to work easier. I often become part of the process for a while, assisting in some operational aspects and from there I the facilitation takes place.

  • Information Management related activities for Projects: organising Information and Communication Management for projects. It involves strategic considerations, structural implications, systems, the right staff, skills, knowledge, … .

  • Training, Inspirational and Motivational sessions, within a professional context: growing experience in the above two domains and personal growth in general have increased my insight in Business, Projects, The World and Life. I like to share my process and insights with others.

  • Personal and professional coaching from a holistic perspective. The purpose of coaching sessions is to create the conditions for expanding and growing awareness, happyness and fullfilment.


Since 1996 I work in project environments in the Energy sector (oil, gas and electricity) and Industry. I have worked on customer projects, business improvement projects and the last 10 years mainly as a project facilitator.


Most projects and businesses have to do with information exchange and management of information (communication itself, the tools, etc.). My added value is to make the link between the project or business needs and solutions: structure – procedures – systems – training.


My personal approach is a mix of inspiration and motivation, combined with technical and information management knowledge.


My phylosophy is - among others – based on an inspirational book: The 7 habits of highly effective people, from Stephen R. Covey. The 7 habits are: pro-activity, begin with the end in mind, first things first, think win-win, first understand and then be understood and last but not least ‘keep the saw sharp’. The book emphasises that sustainable personal growth or growth of any other area in live – including projects, companies, etc. - can only be achieved when we live a balanced life based on good principles (e.g. The 7) and practices. This subject has become one of the practical training areas that I offer to improve and support progress in every project.

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